It is hard to move on with your life when you have experienced the loss of a child. Sometimes you just need to find that “little light” that gives you a reason to live again!

I coach clients who want to start living again but are not sure how following their loss or/and a traumatic experience. Sometimes they just need guidance and change. As a mother who has lost a child I know what families are going through, I understands their feelings and can guide them as life is never the same again.

If you are interested in receiving coaching. I coach via Skype.

Skype works really well and it helps me coach clients all over the world. Coaching works well when there has been a period of time since the loss of a child, I would recommend having seen a grievance councillor first and when you feel that little light that nudges you to start living again that is when I can help you. I do not believe you get over losing a child but you need to find a way to learn to live with the loss and the pain.

You can ring Mercedes on 0031 651144834 or email

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