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Title: Children and the Spirit World

Author: Linda Williamson

ISBN: 0749917733

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closer to the light

Title: Closer to the Light

Author: Melvin Morse, M.D., with Paul Perry

ISBN: 9780804108324

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I am not dead, I am different Title: I’m not dead, I’m different

Author: Hollister Rand

ISBN: 9780061959066

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growingupinheaven Title: Growing up in Heaven

Author: James van Praagh

ISBN: 1846043026

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Title: When a child dies

Author: Sylvia Barbanell

ISBN: 0946259089

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Title: Spirit Children

Author: Charmaine Wilson

ISBN: 9780980672909

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voices Title: Voices

Author: Doris Stokes

ISBN: 9780751522402

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heaven is for real

Title: Heaven is for Real

Author: Todd Burpo

ISBN: 0785237518

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Matthew, tell me About Heaven

by Suzanne Ward.

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