A mum's experience

It was the weeks of sleepless nights following the passing of Mercedes her daughter Olivia that gave her the idea that a special site was needed for parents who had lost a child and were having spiritual experiences. A place where you could read about and share your loss and the signs that you were receiving from your child in the spirit  world. Mercedes spent hours looking for such a site when she could not sleep and missed Olivia terrible. Lots of different spiritual experiences started happening from visitation dreams (Meetings with Olivia that seemed very real, unlike any other dreams she had had), the TV would turn itself on, Olivia’s play toy would go of at funny times, Mercedes would be alone but felt there was someone psychically with her.  At times she would even feel that she was being hugged. These are just a few of the experiences Mercedes had of many. She could find experiences here and there on different sites that gave her the explanations but she also wanted to hear of other parent’s who had lost a child having similar experiences.

After visiting a demonstrations, a workshop and seeing a medium, Mercedes felt there was no doubt that there was life after death. Olivia was giving her signs all the time,  one of her favourites is entrancing butterflies, letting her know that she was with her. Even Mercedes her eldest daughter who was three at the time, kept mentioning that Olivia was visiting! She would say things like, oh look there’s Olivia! There was a period that she could not sleep because of all the people in her room looking at her, she very innocently mentioned that she loved Olivia visiting but did not want all the other people in her room as they kept her awake.

After Olivia’s passing life could never be the same for Mercedes, everything had changed and she had changed.  It was about six months after Olivia’s passing that Mercedes decided something had to be done. She needed to be a mother to her eldest daughter, a wife again and find a way to live with the pain and gap that Olivia had left behind. She needed a purpose. This is where she decided to write a list of 70 things to do before I die. She wanted to turn her pain into purpose! Things on her list were visit Sardinia, buy a bike, learn to knit, write a children’s book and see a medium. These are just a few of her goals that she has completed.

Mercedes was told by several Mediums that she too was a medium and would help many people in the future. After training as a medium for a few years, working as a coach and writing, the idea for having a website where a parent who had lost a child and was having spiritual experiences could go still kept her occupied. Determined to reach this goal and help many families all over the world www.childreninthespiritworld.com was born. Whilst working on this idea, other ideas followed; Mercedes also organises Children in the Spirit World Events, where Mediums demonstrate and  Inspiring parents share their story. She set up the “Children in the Spirit World Community on Facebook and offered a different range of workshops (for mediums and parents).

Olivia was 4 months Old when she passed away because of a Chromosome deficiency with heart and long problems. Olivia was a happy baby who loved to smile and was full of love. Her loss left a gap and lots of heartache. She touched many heart whilst she lived and still does! Mercedes feels very fortunate that she has the ability to still communicate with Olivia but in a different way to what she was used to. Olivia still visits her in dreams, let her know that she is with her when times are hard, entrances butterflies and communicates with her through other mediums, in meditation and automatic writing. Mercedes feels it is her purpose to share her story and help and reach as many people as possible and help them move on and find their purpose following the passing of their child.

That is why she organises events, gives workshops and shares her story! If you are interested in attending one of her events please check the Events link for the location nearest to you.