This helped me

1 See a Grievance Councillor (it can help to speak to a stranger so you can speak about anything, sometimes you might find that you are not understood with loved ones or you hold things back for the fear of how other might react). When you are grieving you can become very angry at what happend but also with certain people around you so it can help to speak to a stranger so you can let all your feelings out without feelings of being judged.

2 Go to a support group or start one. (This is not very everyone but really depends on how the individuals feels). It can help to speak to others who have been through a similar experience.

3 Create something in your child’s honour; for example a painting, a poem, write a diary of memories, photo album, music cd which reminds you of them, a collage, draw a statue that you want made, create an altar in their honour or a special place where you can go that is especially dedicated to them.

4 See a Medium (one that has been recommended or one that you have read about).

5 You can always attend a demonstration of Mediumship (check your local paper or search the internet for a demonstration in your area).

6 Write a list of “70 things to so before I die.” When you are ready for this, it can help get you out of bed and focussed on something that you feel passionate about. Can give you a sense of achievement too.

7 Do something you have always wanted to do but never did ( a positive thing). See point 6 too.

8 Share your experience in order to help others.

9 Set up a foundation or sponsor something in your child’s name. You can also get sponsored with your child in mind, like for a run and then donate the money to a course that you feel passionate about or your child did. If your child had heart problems maybe you would like to contribute to more research then a heart foundation would be a good idea! You can help make a difference.

10. Make a memory box and fill it with photos, drawings, favourite toys, teddy’s, music, bracelets etc.

11. Spend time by the sea, in the Mountains or Forest. Try and get away if you can so that you have time to rest and clear your head.

12. Write everything down, keep a journal so that you can let go everything by putting your feelings on paper. This is also a great way of letting your emotions out.

13. Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) is also known to help to let go of emotions, anger and pain. A Book like” The tapping solution” by Nick Ortner can help you with this.